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(TFT) Mnoren Librarium

To all;

The Mnoren Librarium is again open. I wish to let all know that Patrick Keleher was a good patron and returned all books in good condition last month 23 June.

This was a much longer check out than normal as the Librarium staff had been pre-occupied.

I have used Fed-Ex for shipping of these items and they came to about $10 sending, so the cost altogther might be as high as $25 for a loan of several books. This might be high, but then, paying scalper prices or going without might also be too high a fee.

The Fantasy Trip books available are:
    In The Labyrinth
    Advanced Melee
    Advanced Wizards
    GM Screen

I have some other of the games that I could also lend out. Some have suggested that they have items that could be lent out thru the Librarium. The Librarium would consider this. Please contact me and we can arrange shipment.

Yours in Cidri
Giovanni Paolo
Grand Librarian
Mnoren Librarium

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