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(TFT) Re: TFT: Number Crunching: Example

Stan writes . . .

>With H3, the chances ramp up to the point where over one out
>of six rolls 'go critical' if you're rolling 6d--way too much
>for my liking.

   Yep, but this problem is greatly mitigated by the infrequency of having
to roll six dice for anything, which (compared to rolling fewer dice) is a
rarity.  In all my TFT playing I've only seen six dice rolled once.
   Mmmm . . .  looks like I'm talking myself back into it.  8^)

Michael writes . . .

>So how does everyone feel about TFT using only the metric system
>for measurement?

   I like it.  Metric is better and easier, and works just fine even in a
non-historical fantasy setting (such as Cidri and the majority of campaigns
out there).
   Despite all the undereducated "Bubbas" in this country, metric /is/
slowly creeping into our culture.  As Justin mentioned we already have soda
measured in liters, so everyone now has a good idea what a liter is.  A
metric ton is pretty close to an English ton.  88 kph is the same as 55 mph.
A meter is about the distance from a doorknob to the floor.  Now we just
need more food manufacturers to package food in metric units (and list the
English measure in parenthesis /below/ the metric number).
   By the way . . .  flathead sucks.  Phillips sucks.  Square drive all the

Dave Seagraves
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