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Re: (TFT) Live Metric or Die!

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For a nation that thinks of itself as forward, USA is a provincial people. 

I think we are the only country that didn't go metric.  I would like to 
leave it metric just to bug us.  However....as a practicality, I would want

it to go back to pounds.  I don't know metric well enough.

I'm not using heavy weights as a DEX reducer, so that isn't a problem.  And

as long as TFT lists distances in hexes, I can convert that easily.

Hail Melee


I pretty much agree 100% on all counts. For me the real bear is that I use
all the Car Wars equipment and vehicles for TFT and those measurements are
all in pounds. They can be converted to metric pretty easily, but it makes
more sense to me to convert TFT to use pounds than to try to convert Car
Wars to the metric system!

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