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Re: (TFT) Healing Salves and potions

>BTW- all my potions heal 1 pt instantly and the remaining
>points(from stronger potions) work slower over the next hour
>or so. This lets the party heal/recover rapidly AFTER a battle
>but no AD&D-like "mortally wounded fighter drinks 2 healing
>potions and bounces back into battle fully healed and ready
>to go".
>more like "mortally wounded fighter drinks potion with last
>remaining strength and passes out but survives the battle as
>bleeding stops and healing begins; or gets up slowly to his
>feet and wobbly returns to battle partially healed"

	I really like this idea.  Multi-point healing potions
in my campaign (from now on) will heal one point at once 
and 1 extra point every 5 minutes or so.  This way, there is 
a reason to carry 1 point potions.

	Thanks Mack,  Rick.
>Mack Brewer

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