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(TFT) realism, poisons salves etc.

Dear Mack,
given that you've gotten technical about healing stuff in your campaigns,
have you done the same with poisons? In nature, spiders often use paralysis
type poisons to immobilize their prey and incarcerate for later consumption.
Virtually no poison works instantaneously in nature, yet we have all game
systems from D&D onwards having instant death poisons which are a great way
to kill characters prematurely. I've just been thinking about this while
reading my daughter a Venomous Wildlife Of Australia book (we have the most
poisonous spider and land snake in the world, actually 17 of the 20 most
venomous snakes).
Great scope for roleplaying:

naturalist: hey fighter, that giant black mamba that bit you for 1ST damage
before you chopped it in half well......................
(followed by frantic tourniquet tying, immobilizing plus begging nearest
herbalist/witch for local swamp snake cure/antivenene....)

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