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(TFT) Spells from the Dragon

Michael stated,

<<<Dragon, Vol. 4, No.6 (?)
Some Spells for the Very Smart Sorceryer
Freedom (17/T)
Heat Metal (17/T)
Slip (17/T)
Stun (17/C)
Tongues (17/S)
Weakness (17/T)
Animate Dead (18/C)
Apport (18/S)
Blind (18/C)
Paralyze (18/C)
Enchant Weapon (19/S)
Magic Sword (19/S)
Polymorph Others (19/S)
Polymorph Self (19/S)
Earthquake (20/S)
Raise Dead (20/T)
Wither (20/T)>>>>

Michael, these spells are also found in Interplay #1 "Advanced Wizard - A
Few New Spells" by David Doucette.  The only difference is a few of the
spell names.  Give us an example of how this author in The Dragon treats the
polymorph spells and whether Heat Metal is the same as Doucette's or did
Doucette also write this article for The Dragon earlier than the article for
Interplay #1.  What's Apport???

Yours in Cidri,

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