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Re: (TFT) spicing up trolls 1.0

Cas Liber wrote:
> Trollvirus: There is a disease spread through some troll communities, a
> latent virus which renders them vulnerable to sunlight. The severe form
> means that sunlight turns the afflicted troll to stone by inducing powerful
> enzymes. The troll can avoid this by making a 3/DX roll to duck for cover. A
> milder form means the troll suffers a -3 DX penalty and an MA of 4 while in
> sunlight. This disease is quite rare (about 1 in 6 trolls affected, with
> equal ratios of severe and mild forms), but has given rise to tales of
> trolls turning to stone in daylight.
I seem to recall that trolls afflicted with this virus find that the low
levels of this enzyme released over the years in response to ambient 
light causes their skin to gradually harden and toughen to the point
where they eventually ends up with one, sometimes two, points of armor.
Or maybe that was just a story some crazy merc told me while we were 
both waiting to get fitted for fine plate.
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