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RE: (TFT) EPT for TFT?

I keep seeing mention of Empire of the Petal Throne / Tekumel monsters on
the list, and people have alluded to using TFT with the EPT setting.
However, I haven't noticed an adaptation of EPT to TFT on any of the
websites, something analogous to what Brett Slocum did vis a vis EPT and
GURPS.  Is there one that I've overlooked?>>>>>

I took EPT monsters and converted them to TFT in 1979 or the very early 80s.
Otherwise I didn't convert the magic system ala Brett did with GURPS and EPT
or anything else.  EPT has a great monster base to throw at my player
characters that don't know these creatures.  This happened once when they
entered a gate and were attacked by a score of Hlutrgu in the Layoda Swamp
in Southeastern Tsolyanu.  The party skedaddled back to the gate never to
return.  Oh!!!! Cidri's such a BIG place.  The monsters are my
interpretations of what MAR Barker created.  Oh!  you are asking what is a
Hlutrgu????  Here's another Cas!

Hlutrgu (nicknamed Swamp Frogs)

Rubbery, small (approx. 4'),four-legged creatures with skull-like heads and
wide mouths filled with fangs.  Thsi swamp species hates humans and
non-humans indiscriminately and will attack without a reaction roll.
Hlutrgu start with ST 6, DX 10, IQ 8 and 6 extra points.  They have a MA of
10 without armor, which they can wear up to leather.  The Hlutrgu's hide
stops one hit naturally   There MA or DX is not affected by swampy ground;
whereas for others it would act as broken ground.  Hlutrgu are also natural
Its fangs and general worminess help it do +2 damage in HTH combat.  Hlutrgu
are very adept at thrown weapons and receive a  +2 DX.  They receive a
further +1 DX when throwing their favored weapons, javelins or darts.  Being
particularly nasty, they always have poison coating their weapons (1-4 one
die poison and 5-6 a weapon poison).  Treat TWO WEAPONS talent as IQ 8,
because they use all their limbs in combat.  A very nasty foe that has a
reputation for torture of captives.

Yours in Cidri,

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