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(TFT) Tomb I

The Tomb
Justin Grabowski, 2000

	After a week of traveling from the nearest comfortable tavern, you and your
friends arrive at your destination.  Off the post road, you can see the
low-lying hill in the midst of the swamp that is marked on the map.  The
wooded hill lies about a quarter of a mile from the causeway that you are
standing on.
	As the party reaches the base of the hill, they are attacked by a war party
of orcs on the hunt.  The party must make a 3d v. IQ or they have been
ambushed.  If the party rolls a 3-5, they ambush the orcs.  The war party
stands on the hill above the characters party at about 15-20 hexes.
Remember the hill is wooded, so allow some blocked hexes and the orcs to
begin with have the advantage of being above the party.

Orcs (equal the number of the party):
ST 11 DX 13 IQ 8 MV 10 (8)
TALENTS:  sword, shield, pole arms, and bow
EQUIPMENT: short bow and 6 arrows, spear or short sword and small shield
(50/50), and all wear leather armor (hits stopped 2 or 3).  Each orc carries
from $1-3.

	After the encounter with the orcs and any healing needed, the party
advances to the top of the hill and see the large conglomeration of boulders
that is marked on the map.  This group of boulders is glacial debris left
from a prehistoric Ice Age.  The easiest way to picture these rocks is to
picture parts of Devil?s Den at Gettysburg.  The climb to the top of these
boulders is easy.
Once the party reaches the top, they come to a large oblong boulder standing
straight up about two man heights tall.  On the boulder are carved runes.
In order to read these the parties wizard or scholar will need to make a 3d
v. IQ.  If the roll is made, the runes state, ?As your our I once was --- As
I am you will be.?  On each side of this saying are death rune symbols, used
as a means of telling the reader to beware.
At the base of this rock there is a large flat boulder that has been broken
in half revealing a cave opening large enough that a man could fit through.
It seems though that a rope or ladder will be needed to descend into its
depths.  If the party does not have either, they have to climb down by hand.
If this is done the party members must make a 3d v. DX or fall 5 meters,
suffering the one die of damage.  Once the first member of the party sets
foot in the cavern below read number one.

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