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Re: (TFT) Hundred strength elemental

>      "There is reason to believe that no battery can be made with a
> of more than 1,000 ST, but no one in history is known to have tried to
> one any greater than 720."
>               - page 34, Advanced Wizard (C) metagaming

When it says on p34 it costs a Wizard 5ST to put 1ST into it, that,
presumably is into an uncharged ST battery of an already set maximum
capacity - you presumably have to set the maximum capacity when you make the
thing. Now, actually reading and comparing costs - I look at the table and
you know what? The ST batteries, especially at 10ST and up, start looking
pretty good value compared with charms etc. - for $30 000 you can make a 30
point ST battery and summon your own damn (greater) demon any time you like,
rather than frig around making a bound lesser demon for $20 000

Ah well, how high are punters in your game when they get a spare $30

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