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>They had better move them back to the Intelligent
>monster category, and let the dragons back into the
>Humanoid category.  Before it was too late.  Besides,
>think of how much strength you could get at a dragon
>staffed lab.
>    So the dragons ate all the wizards.
>     David Michael Grouchy II

	Oh, I mostly certainly *do* know how much strength a wizard can get from a
dragon! Cocky members of the that SAME party went looking for a really tough
fight and found it by challenging a "Silver" dragon, and during the start of
that battle, one of the players commented "I wish we had a female dragon to
distract this thing..." (unwittingly using his greater wish) And *Poof*, the
only female party members (a runaway princess who thinks the party members
always have 'naughty' intents towards her - as played by Julie) turns into a
female dragon. And Julie's instant glib response left everybody laughing,
"Hey, Whoa - I'm supposed to be virginal princess, Not dragon-jailbait! I
know you guys want me to get over my fear of being raped, this ain't the way
to do it..."

  The party wizard then requested she pick him up and fly off  to draw the
dragon away from the party. She did that, and flying off carrying the
wizard, who said  "I'll use my 'Drain Strength' spell to get as much as I
can use to overkill this sucker. Hey, fly over that city, will you? We might
be able save ourselves the effort of lugging our next dragon bounty in by
getting his body to fall not too far from the city... Great. Now I'll cook
  That's when this player discovered *not* to go around indiscriminately
blowing up dragons, as the resulting crater that *used to be* the city of
dranning now stands as a firm reminder what happens when you choose a
*Uranium* dragon for such target practice!

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