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Re: (TFT) Dirt Cheep Dungeons

On Wed, 4 Oct 2000 19:37:13 -0400 (EDT), Joe Hartley <jh@brainiac.com>

>The DwarvenForge dungeon kits were mentioned here a while back.  Well
>Microtactix has just released Dirt Cheep Dungeons, a set of PDF files
>that can be printed onto cardstock to make very good looking dungeons
>indeed.  These go great with their other Cardstock Creations like
>Vyllage-on-the-Cheep, Starbase Omega 3 and Vulture Gulch to add a great
>visual element to your roleplaying.
>There's also a lot of stuff from Cumberland Games in this vein; prefab
>wall and floor sections, fonts for gamemasters and a lot more.
>These 2 companies have a lot of stuff to make FTF gaming a lot more
>interesting visually.

Eric Hotz is doing PDF floorplans now including a "tower house" type
castle at http://www.hyperbooks.com. S. J. Ross's Spark fonts are also

Profantasy's latest add on for Campaign Cartographer is CC Dioramas,
allowing you to design your own buildings for printing , cutting out and
assembling, but it's an ADD on for CC2 so if you don't have the whole
package it ain't cheap. http://www.profantasy.com

Remember, they also do "Character Artist" that, amongst other things,
lets you design your own "Cardboard Heroes"

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