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Re: (TFT) Ultimate Martial Arts

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Howdy all!

A list of cites is fair use, as would be a brief summary of each
talent. You may summarize or re-write the talents; you may not
post the exact text of the copyrighted material (excepts as a
brief, cited exerpt in a schlarly work).

--Ty Beard (lawyuh)<

Cool bean! Then I'll be more than happy to send a list of the all the TFT
Talent and Spell names and where they're original sources are. If someone
has a web-site they want to host it on, I'll send the easier to read
Acrobat version. If someone wants the ASCII version to turn into HTML I can
send that too (but that's a BIG job!). 

I certainly think this qualifies as a scholarly work!

Let me know...
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