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(TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #107

From: "Grabowski" <grabowskis@earthlink.net>
> When I read his novels, I always wondered about the setting.  When I read
> them as I was reading I was picturing the extra planar people as if they
> were from Tekumel.  The concept of the city of Carse came from Midkemia
> Games, which began as a "D&D" style of world.  I sometimes think Fiest just
> took one step forward and Tekumel'ed' it up a bit in his first novels. 
> What was the title of those???  I read them almost 15-18 years ago!

Magician, which in paperback became 2 books: Magician: Apprentice and 
Magician: Master. Someone put together a list of 75 correspondences 
between the Feist world beyond the Rift and Tekumel. The story I heard was 
that Feist was playing in a campaign, loved it, and asked the GM if he could 
have permission to write novels set in the campaign. Unfortunately, the GM 
neglected to tell him that it was a D&D/EPT crossover campaign, and that 
EPT was a copyrighted setting. But that's just hearsay. Feist denies that 
there is any connection between the two.

BTW, Feist worked at Midkemia, before becoming a novelist. They used the 
D&D world from the above campaign as the basis for all their products.

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