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From: Michael Taylor <MichaelTaylor1@compuserve.com>
> > TFT armed with Harns setting could have easily 
> toppled AD&D.  Back in the day.  Hey, is there a GURPS/Harn suppliment
> yet?
> I agree, I think TFT could have been MUCH bigger than it was. I havne't
> heard of a GURPS/Harn but I would think that a TFT: Harn could be pretty
> transferrable to any other campaign. I'd love to see material for that...

There were plans for a GURPS Harn at one point, but they never came to 
fruition. There was also plans for a GURPS Paranoia, which was actually 
briefly playtested, but it also didn't see print.

The current spate of conversions includes GURPS Castle Falkenstein (by 
SJG) and GURPS Conspiracy X (by Eden Studios).

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