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(TFT) Cidri Gazeteer

Thought this might be fun. I assigned all the TFT adventures published to
specific places in Elyntia

Akyrs - aka Chikuaga (Treasure of the Unicorn's Gold)
Bendwyn - ITL:70
Bordre - aka Ardonirane (Death Test, Death Test 2)
               Crypt of the Living Dead (Pegasus #11)
Canigli - Shayle/Zal'Akhen - City of the Sacred Flame
Carpen - Troll's Lair (north of city, FF#2), Tin Soldier (FF#7)
Dranning - Haven
Duchy of Bolors (Warrior Lords of Darok)
Duchy of Kel (Forest Lords of Dihad)
Enkarr - aka Huac (Treasure of the Silver Dragon)
Evenflow Village - Ground Zero (FF#1)
Fettle - The Oldcastle Inn (Dungeoneer #8)
Fork - Tessra (Dungeoneer's Journal #25)
Gargoyle Mountains - The Solimar Quest (or Horst, Fantasy Gamer #4)
Highdeep - The Lords of Underearth
Horst - Lost Inheritance (Fantasy Gamer #6)
Jarak - Adventure (Inept Adept #1)
Kel - Plaize/dhar Ankhes - Within the Tyrant's Demise
Landmaster Hall - Tollenkar's Lair
Nellern Forest - The Haunting of Harkwood (TSG #63)
Osley - Security Station
Podliforki - Knight's Tour (FF#3)
Praete - The Temple of the Tesseract (FF#4)
Revoreesh - Orb Quest, also 
                     Black Augur (FF#5), near the foothills
Rubydelve - Grail Quest
Tanander East - The Caves of the Goblin Lord (Pegasus #6)
Thargi Swamp - Tree of Life (FF#4)
Tore - Lost Valley (Master of the Amulet)
Trews - aka Vilyec (Treasure of the Silver Dragon)
Tro - (aka Wynor) - Venture Capitol (FF#8)
Winter Home - Double Duty (IA#2.5)

Whaddya think?

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