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Re: (TFT) Cult of the Bloodrunners

Dear DMG,
I agree with you about cults needing to be fleshed out properly in proper
campaigns etc. There are 2 reasons i haven't fleshed it out;
(1)  I have little time at present being up to my armpits in children, so
got an idea one day and jotted it down on the computer.
(2) As an NPC cult (sorry to borrow the term from AD&D), I'm not fussed
about expanding it fully as no PCs will belong to the cult. it can just be
bloodthirsty and full of cannibal tribesmen....
(3) I like chucking up ideas - remember when Gygax did G1-3 then D1-3 and
got stuck for ideas until DCSIII did a nifty Q1 and Gygax said it was better
than anything he had so that got published? Well, I welcome anyone with any
other ideas/modifications etc.

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