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Re: (TFT)


    He's refering to the "download" link at the bottom of this web page.


It's level editor. Paint out a labrinth floorplan. Use <page up> and <page down> to do multiple levels. Plans can be saved and loaded. It has printer support. With one click it will convert the labrinth into a 3D Quake level (registered version required).

    The DMG are my initials.

    David Michael Grouchy II

Add Standardized Building Costs (ala Ready Ref Sheets from Judges Guild). >>>>>I've been useing DMGs "Hex Lab" to block out rough ideas for the
>>>>>Then I get to run through them in Quake. Add the KQP patch and it makes for >>>>>some cool death matches!

I looked all over the place for those - where are they? What version of the DMG (Dungeon Master's Guide?) what page?

I'll keep working on this myself along these same lines!


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