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(TFT) Electrum info

There was a bit about a month ago on diffrent bimetalic, trimetalic, etc. monatary systems and Electrum was brought up. Some folks had problems with it because it was difficult to determine the value of the alloy. I got a bit curious as to why it would have made it into something like D&D in the first place and a bit of research came up with the following;

The ancient kingdom of Lydia in Aisa Minor on the Aegean Sea minted the first coins in it's capital of Sardis. The coins were small oval-shaped bits of metal made of electrum. Before this metals were traded in chunks that had to be weighed by money dealers in the market place to determine their value. Later on these chunks were shaped into bars of a given weight that was stamped with a die to mark it. These dies were wedged shaped pieces of very hard metal and were called coins. The last king of Lydia was named Croesus and was known for his great wealth. He is credited with minting the first pure gold coins and is the source of the saying "as rich as Croesus". Typicaly coins were valued by taking a given weight of metal and breaking it into parts (usually 60) each part then being struck as a coin. The first "inflation" occured when a base metal was added to the metal being broken into parts for minting.

"from Coins and Coin Collecting, golden press"

".... but is it Chiba?"

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