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Re: (TFT) Discuss: Explosive Gems

From: "Neil Gilmore"

I'd actually planned a bunch of updates to the gem
program, including type of cut, and the value of the
cut, and generally improving certain aspects of the
tables by reducing them to formulae instead of tables
(the gp/flawtable, in particular). One house rule I
use is that a Repair spell canrepair one carat of
flaw in a gem. It's a fairly popular spell now.

I was going to do a Windows version of the program (based on the C code you included) when I saw how complicated it really was. The data tables are fabulous. A huge range of items like jewelry, pin, ring. A list of minerals that is longer than any I have seen. Currency metals, Settings, and a large number of flaws. For the readers who haven't seen the program, the flaws are listed in negative value. With the casting of a repair spell a carat of flaw is fixed, resulting in an increase in value. In Neil's campaign, it would seem that "repair" is a money making spell. I would still like to do a windows version, with file saving and printer support. Could you E-mail me off list about this (yes/no will do). Oh, did you say something about update?

    David Michael Grouchy II
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