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Re: (TFT) TFT: Playtested Expert/Master Talents

From: "Neil Gilmore" <raito@raito.com>

> The only oddity I see here is comparing the Master Talents to the UC
> talents. If I recall correctly (books not here at the moment), using the
> talents to gain the 4 dice to hit costs 11 IQ, and a DX higher than the
> Master, and a restriction on armor, and a higher IQ(?). Yes, the UC track
> confers some additional benefits (like no rear hex).

Agreed. My solution was to decrease the IQ cost for some UC and change the
benefits a bit.

UC I - II cost 1 point each. UC IV (IIRC) now gives the 4 die to hit
defensive bonus and +4 damage. UC V gives the 5 die to hit defensive bonus
and +5 damage.

Even with these changes, the TFT martial artist is a pale imitation of the
AD&D 1st ed. monk...

> Actually, I just don't much care for these. I disagree with the argument
> that after DX 15, it's all downhill. I prefer the diminishing returns in
> combat. Sure, you can work up a character to the point where it can take
> nearly all other single characters, but it still won't be able to take on
> army (in a straight-on fight). The point is that when a character becomes
> that physically and mentally powerful,  they have to continue into other
> pursuits, where temporal power becomes more important than personal power.
> Then it gets interesting...

My problem is that there's no real provision in TFT for the agile, hard to
hit swashbuckling warrior. After DX 15, you're better off wearing as much
armor as your DX will handle.

This is probably historically accurate, but it does not square well with
fantasy and historical fiction.  Maybe it's just me, but I don't care for
the mental image of D'artagnan, D'aramis, Athos and Porthos running around
in Fine Plate.

I also like my Legendary Swordmasters to be able to slaughter hordes of
rabble, which is difficult -- unless you use a Greatsword and have an AdjDx
of 18+. Not my cup o' tea.

Finally, when fighters get to a very high level of DX, battles between
skilled warriors are way too fast. They often depend on who has the highest
AdjDX. Since both warriors have essentially a 95% chance of hitting, the
battles are often decided by the first strike. Example -- two ST 12, DX
18(15) IQ 10 characters armed with +3 Broadswords, small shields and
chainmail (surely not too much weaponry for 40 point characters). On each
blow, each one will average 10 points damage, less 4 for armor. 2 average
hits will end the combat. Assume that fighter A has 1 point more DX than
fighter B. A will strike first and score a hit 95% of the time. Then B hits
about 85% of the time (lower DX due to 5 points of damage in one turn). Then
A hits 95% of the time -- fight over. Not terribly interesting in my

Therefore, I created the expert and master talents to extend the range of
combat for TFT characters. I consider the master and expert weapon talents
as "dramatic options" rather than "more historically accurate options."

--Ty Beard

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