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Re: (TFT) TFT: Playtested Expert/Master Talents

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>I'd like to see more specialized talents, such as Sweeping Blow expert
(costs 1 IQ; needs IQ 9., less of a penalty when doing Sweeping Blows
(say -3), and sweeping blow master (costs 1 IQ, needs IQ 10, -2 penalty
i.e. less IQ points used for more specialized gain.

Well, though no one asked, I pretty much agree with everyone on this one.
Talent costs are okay as they are in the book, but sometimes it would be
nice to get more combat bang for the buck. 

Well, I like the "specialized taletns" idea alot. Rather than unbalance one
campaign because another campaign isn't balanced right (which would be the
general effect of widespread talent cost changes) maybe we can figure out a
method of 'specialization' that will work for everyone and can simply be
disallowed in campaigns where the GM doesn't want that. 

In other words, in Ty' High-combat game Sword Specialization is allowed
with these effects:.XXXXX, but in my low-powered 'joe-bob' campaign Sword
specialization is not allowed.

Here's what I've come up with so far:

Hobbies (Optional)
Some talents can be bought as hobbies, representing either serious study of
a trivial subject or trivial study of a serious subject. Hobbies cost
one-quarter point each.
Hobbies are considered to be rolled at their normal Saving Rolls if they
are trivial and at half their normal Saving Rolls if they are serious
subjects being studied as hobbies. 

Specialization (Optional)
Some Talents require Specialization. Hobbies can also be used as
?Specialization's? that allow a character to know a particular facet of
that Talent better than others. This allows a +1d6 bonus to using only that
portion of a Talent. 
Additional Specializations may be allowed at the GMs discretion. 
Specializations cost one-quarter point each.

What do you think?

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