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(TFT) Rules vs Role-Playing

I am GM of an online TFT campaign.  Many of my players have never played TFT
before and I have noticed that, despite their unfamiliarity with the rules,
they are better at leaving rules behind and just role-playing their
character's personalities than players who are very comfortable with every
nuance and detail of the TFT library.  

The players that have played AD&D are sort of in the middle of the group.
They sometimes try to impose a D&D name, category, or rule to define things.
I had a recent example where a D&D player found out that a tavern was full
of orcs.  Evil and strictly non-player in D&D, and "...similar to men; just
nastier." in TFT.  They assumed that the town had been overrun by Orcs and
that all the other races had been taken captive or killed.  

I was wondering if any of you had had a similar experiences.

-Kelly Nall
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