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(TFT) riddles - City of Carse Treasure Hunt

Way back in 1983, I played a Game Convention scenario put on by Midkemia Press who had a nice series of city books out. The scenario I played in was set in the city of Carse. It had a map of the whole city and a book that described each facility and persons.

This game was real roleplaying as the stats were hardly mentioned. What the game had was riddles. One went throughout the city trying to decipher them. I never forgot that game and tried to recreate a version of it in the later '80's. This is my version of that game.

If you have or can buy The City of Carse booklet, you can play this game. Building numbers <D3> indicate a place on the map. Streets are often identified. If you don't have this book, take any city booklet that you have, do some conversions to the descriptions or riddles here to make it conform. I am listing this so those of you who wish to do a riddle game have an example of something that was done.

This game style consists of the hero group "walking" up the map and the GM describing what they see building-wise, sign-wise, personality-wise. Describe the sounds and smells and the weather and what-not.

There is no real need for stats even, as this is not an encounter game. However, the players do not necessarily know this and they can always act so stupid as to get in a fight.

LAND - Midkemia
Area - City Of Carse
	Large Port City, ruled by Baron.

Every other year for the past 10 years, Gunner Halfstead, the Merchant Prince of Carse and "Roamer" Odanga of Jonril have a wager going. Each time "Roamer" comes to Carse to trade, he has a treasure hunt bet with Gunnar.

Two traveling non-Carse groups are selected outside of Carse & 'hired' for the day. Each group are kept from each other. At eleven, both groups are handed their instructions and their first clue. The group is to collect all the black clues and complete their mission. They will get an additional bonus if they complete their mission in ____ hours. Either way, if they complete their mission first, they get ____________ (fill in the blank).

<Gunnar & 'Roamer' ante at each new clue. Graff the Grifter of Knuckle Bones (D4) establishes the game, pays the Watch Sheriff N'Tara & Berrick, and pays any compensation due to damages. Rarely, Graff will prod stagnant parties to get them going.

Thormoro the tall, greater path wizard keeps the two betters honest by "scanning" the 2 groups before starting the game to make sure they know nothing of the bet & by placing a geas on the two betters that no cheating will go on during the game.>

Note: Few people actually know that the game exists, but over the years, rumors have started that those involved are thieves; condemned prisoners; lunatics; spies; master adventurers; etc. Reactions to your mentioning that you are involved in the game will vary. Very few of the clue holders know about it, and those that do will probably feign ignorance.

You are met on the way to Carse by a gentleman named Graff. He has heard of one of your members triumph at the Morrison Inn and would like to talk of your skills. He would like to employ you for a days activity. It would pay $50 (or your worlds equivalent of a very good days pay) each for non-hazardous work. If you decide to accept, meet him at the east gate square at 11 am on the morrow. By the way, you can take the voucher you get from Graff to The Royal Guest (which is down Mill Pond Road) and they will house you for a week.

In the morning when you rise there is an envelope waiting for you at the Innkeepers landing. It is sealed and on the outside says "Open at 11 am in the East Gate Square."

At 11am at the East Gate Square, the party opens the envelope.  It reads:
"Be quick, be keen, and fraternize not,
and though words confuse, you?ll know when the meanings clear;
and a winning shot for those who hold on to the black ten."

Also in the envelope is the first clue.

First Clue		(Leeds to D11)

 Towards the sun that sets:
     a goddess set in a sea
     next to armor fit for thumb.
     & across the prophet saw
     & plain it was to see;
     that though a pilgrim be laid to rest,
     his bed & board be free.
 Look for a sign from god.

   <sign next to "Saw & Plane"
        _News from the Gods_  a bulletin board
        for pilgrims.  Tacked to this board is
        Clue #2.
Second Clue	(Leeds to A3)

 West to sea salt, north to knots;
    even farther to the half fish maiden
    all in metal, who looks upon no
    bow of ship, somewhat golden
    though it is.
 Try the wares of one so slim.  He'll
    aim you in the right direction.

    <Slim will take you out back to
        shoot arrows at target.  Target has
        Clue #3 attached to it.
     BLACK CLUE:  South
[Slim is the fletcher. He doesn?t know abouth the bet. He asks "If you want to try our new batch o arrows I fletched, I?ll take you out back." If you go, he will set you 50 feet in front of a target and bale. When you retreive the arrows, you will see the next clue attached to the target.]
Third Clue	(Leeds to C1)

 North of the routed beast lion-eagle,
    near a shield taller than a house;
    next to that which makes the old look new
    across from large recepticle vacuous
    next to the last resting place for those
    timeworn water-riders grounded to Terra
 Seek the ships that've seen no water.
    & of the ones 3 masted rail
    find the figurehead of a daughter
    for her gift is in her sail.

   <find the model ship named
       'Alice Dotter', the parchment Clue #4
       is in place of its sails.
   BLACK CLUE:  to
[There are about 10 ship models in this Old Sailor?s Home: 1 galley, 1 dhow, 2 cogs, 1 viking ship and 5 ocean going ships: The Unicorn; the Galant, the Wicked Wench; the Albatross; the Alice Dotter whose figurehead is a girl. The parchment is acting as a sail. It has no visible writing on it. Next to "A. Dotter" is a mist bottle with words: Reappearing Ink. These ship models are spread throughout the parlor. There are several old cronies sitting in here just waiting for someone to talk to. None know about the bet.]
Fourth Clue	(Leeds to SS7)

 East of the island created by man:
    close to something leather
    Avoid a bird, & drafts, all cheerful males,
    I think its getting better.
    reversed of ills & effects
    it also bars the "Was'a matters?"
 Do not forsake, for 'ere doth make;
    take the cake that relieves the ache.

   <at the alchemist ask for a healing
       inside a healing cake  In the tin is Clue #5
   BLACK CLUE:  Market Bridge.
[You go into the alchemist and he asks you "Wasa Matter?" You should ask "do you hav e a cake to relieve an ache?" He will say "I have a potion and a past?Oh yea?Gooches health food Cake. The contents from Gouches tinwill cure most rotgut, bile and headaches. $35 please." Inside the tin is clue #5. He doesn?t know of the bet.
Fifth Clue	(Leeds to Q11)

 It forms a triangle quite bizarre
     by Axe & Dog & Scale.
     Between the endless oddities
     & Simians brassy tale.
 Seek the objects with scales small
    & the house which is quite tall
    for its bowel hide your next call
    though to get to it, try a stall.

     <distract Harcon to get to reach into
         dollhouse & pull out Clue #6
    BLACK CLUE:  Then
[In Graham?s Fine Miniatures, there are several Doll houses. One hobbitish, 3 are tavern style, an elf tree, and a three story mansion. The clue is used as carpet for 2nd story room. Graham is nosey and suspicious. Though he doesn?t know about the bet, he will think he is being robbed if he sees heroes taking the parchment.]
Sixth Clue	(Leeds to T6)

 There is a spot where run the lizard & the horse.
    Near a sign who's hair is wet,
    Seek the wheel of blue which cannot be ridden on,
    for a spoke "contains cinnamon."

    <ask for a cheese containing cinnamon.
       Clue #7 is under it.
     BLACK CLUE:  Island.
[In the Royal Cheese Shop is a counter with several cheeses. If the players ask fo "Cheese that contains cinnamon," proprietor will bring out Cinnamon blue (cheese) wheel. "Fine quality, blue cheese with a bite. Whole wheel $35." Clue #7 is under wheel.]
Seventh Clue	(Leeds to VV5)

 Heliotrope feather, golden mints, & orange orvils,
    all in a row.
 Front the place of hawkers who weakly prey
    on friends & their foe.

    Seek the place that once was busy,
    see inside that it is no more.
    Sits the table dark & dreary
    over secrets on the floor.

   <Clue #8 under table in empty store
       next to produce market.  Break in.
    BLACK CLUE:  Continue
[Break into the empty store. The table can be seen through the boarded up windows. It is dusty and littered inside. Under the table is Clue #8.]
Eight Clue	(Leeds to K20)

 Enter the gate, & south of the engraver non-sylus:
     you will find that a tired donkey
     will stand near a dusty road.
     Seek the pack on the donkey's back.

     <go up on the roof to find Clue #9 in backpack.
     BLACK CLUE:  20
     [On the roof of the Tired Donkey is a pack containing Clue #9.]
Ninth Clue	(Leeds to H14)

 Way beyond the rook
     are city cells & oceans green
 However long the journey took,
     close to wells, a bent portal seen.

      Ask for "what ails you."

     <go to the pub & order The Princes Brew;
         Wench will bring it & Clue #10
      BLACK CLUE:  Under;
[Going inside The Swinging Gate, a request for "What ales, you?" will get a response "Guiness, Whatneys, Stump and todays Special ?Gunther?s Treasures? from grafted hops." If that is chosen, a small cask is brought out. "Only sold in casks. $35." In cask is clue #10. Algenon know?s the bet.]
Tenth Clue	(Leeds to NN1)

 Locate sad beast of burden kept apart
    from it's laden carts by long
    bodied serpent whose mouth is braced.
 Ask to see the place of those that die
    for you will see in tomb #3
    the last of the destiny for those who try.

   <Vat #3, which is cracked and not used
      has the last Black Clue inside
   BLACK CLUE:  Dig.
[In the Tannery, Vat #3 which is cracked and not in use has the last black clue.]

It is probably twilight or dark by now. The heroes go by bridge to the little island, jump down and dig per instructions.

The party digs up the box containing a black ceramic statue of a falcon. About this time, the sheriff?s men are marching up both bridges and "arrest" the party. You are taken not to the dungeons, but to The Knucklebones, where you are feted and given your reward. And a fortune cookie.

1)	section D-F		D11	Tedman's Inn of Holy Word.
2)	section A-B		A3	Golden Bow
3)	section C		C1	Old Sailor's Home
4)	section S, SS		SS7	Causes & Cures
5)	section O-Q		Q11	Graham's Fine Miniatures
6)	section T-U		T6	Royal Cheeseshop
7)	section V		VV5	Empty
8)	section K-M		K20	Tired Donkey stable
9)	section G-J		H14	Algernon's Sign of the Swinging Gate
10)	section N-NN		NN1	Blue Ox - Dyers

Hail Melee,
John Paul

From: "Cas Liber" <casliber@ozemail.com.au>
Subject: (TFT) riddles
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 20:54:41 +1000

Dear all,
Anyone else come up with other creative ones for dungeons etc? Apart from
the Hobbits ones and 'Whats big, red & eats rocks..........................'

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