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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest Savers

If you check my website, you'll find Steve Jackson's errata for TFT. It
includes pictures of 2 hex creatures (and other sizes not in the rules).


--Ty Beard

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Subject: (TFT) Diablo off limits

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As penance, discuss how Metagaming's "Monsters! Monsters!" can be
integrated into TFT.  For extra credit, intersect a TFT campaign
with a M!M! campaign and determine the winners.  Show all work.<

Okay! Sorry!

ST 2, DX 10, IQ 3, MA 12, 1-hex
Picture a cross between a large, cross-eyed dog and a truncated crocodile.
Snollygosters are extremely clever, and devote themselves to causing
trouble and abducting children. They make excellent mounts for gremlins,
with whom they get along famously. From Monsters, Monsters, (c) Metagaming)


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Subject: (TFT) Half breeds

Half Breeds
Deconstructing a few intelligent monsters.

      According to the half-breed rules one takes the starting attributes of
the two races and averages them.  This one little rule has cause problems
and shed insight.  I will briefly illustrate some of the problems.
      The average of a Giant and a Man is ST 16.5, DX 8.5, IQ 7.5, 4 extra
points, and Two Hexes.  What to do with the fractions?  Personally I add
them up and add them to any extra points available.  So it becomes ST 16, DX
8, IQ 7, 6 extra points, and Two Hexes.  The 2-Hexes, on the other hand, is
a real problem.  Itís not that I canít make a 2-Hex counter, or figure out
the facing a rear hexes.  It that TFT, Advanced Melee, and even melee, donít
have any 2-hex figures that arenít horses.  Horses have four side hexes.  My
2-hex ëhalf giantí has six front hexes.
      This is what I consider a major deviation from the printed rules.  I
use a 2-hex counter with six front hexes because ìit seems rightî.  This is
ok as far as it goes, but the stuff that follows has been questioned because
some of it doesnít ìseem rightî even though the math is correct.

      Here is the cross between a light horse and mankind.  This would be a
centaur, or half man, half horse.  Many of the horses will work, but the
light horse comes the closest.

      Half Man Half Horse
      ST 14, DX 10, IQ 6, MA 20 and 4 extra points

      If two of the extra points are put into IQ it is amazingly closer to
the TFT centaur of

      Centaur (page 51 ITL)
      ST 14, DX 10, IQ 8, MA 24 and 2 extra points
      Giant Eagle
      ST 28-40, DX 13, IQ 7, MA 16 on the ground 40 in the air,
           feathers stop 1 hit per attack

      Extracted from Gryphon and Lion.  The Gryphon is listed as part eagle,
and part lion.  By taking the stats of a Lion, we can determine what the
lion was averaged with to get a Gryphon (page 61 ITL).  It would be a giant
Eagle like that listed above.  This is kind of like a smaller faster Roc.

      ST 30-50, DX 12, IQ 5, MA 8 on the ground 30 flying
      ìNear Baal's temple was that of Dagon, given in the tablets as Baal's

      A baal is a halfbreed with a dragon and mankind.

      Half man half demon
      ST 54, DX 11, IQ 16, and 4 extra points.

      Very close to a lessor demon

      Lessor Demon (page 54 ITL)
      ST 50, DX 13, IQ 16

      A reptile man would be mankind plus a riding lizard

      Half man half riding lizard
      ST 14, DX 10, IQ 6, MA 14 and 4 extra points

      Reptile Man (page 51 ITL)
      ST 14, DX 8, IQ 8, MA 10 and 8 extra points
      ìWhen men began to multiply on the earth and daughters were born to
them, the sons of heaven saw how beautiful the daughters of man were, and so
they took for their wives as many of them as they chose.î
- - Genesis 6: 1-2

      In ITL Mnoren and deities do not have any listed attributes.  I can
understand the caution, but lets do the math anyway.  A giant is the
half-breed between a son of God and mankind.  Working the numbers backwards
one may be able to determine the attributes of ITLís page 57 ìgods and
demi-gods.î  Demi-god attributes are ST 42, DX 10, IQ 6 and 4 extra points.
Most people who read this immediately balk.  They say "A demi-god doesn't
have prootwaddle IQ.î  TFT itself describes Ogres as 'the forebearers of
giants' and with an IQ that is 'never over 6'.

      David Michael Grouchy II

Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 14:53:55 -0600
From: "David Michael Grouchy II" <david_michael_grouchy_ii@hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: (TFT) Word value

>From: "Anthony Merlock"
>I would think that you'd need some way
>to communicate in order to learn and use "New Followers".  Now, maybe
>an IQ 4 slime could communicate with other slimes, and form a slime-posse
>to hunt down those evil adventurers that invade their territory, but I'm
>not even sure a slime can communicate with others of it's own kind.

      The slime I had in mind.  A silver slime IQ 6.  With four wishes it
could learn new follower.  Since they shoot lightning I figured other silver
slimes could understand them.  Maybe some kind of crackling charge rolling
across their shiny surfaces and the ways in which it fluxuates.  That and it
could give possitive reinforcement by dropping off silver for the other ones
to eat.  When they do well.  This slime would have a posse of 5.  That comes
out to six 3D6 lightning bolts for three rounds at DX 12.
      This form of monster creation is the elevation of nuisance creature.
Not a bad investment for just 4 wishes.  A magical item of control slime and
they could be turned against any of ones opponents who could subsequently be
"de-enchanted."  I would call it a "control slime lightning rod"  The suport
comunity would have to inclued an IQ 34 Wizard (for the wishes mainly), a
wizards lab, eight more wizards (totaling nine), and 81 apprentices.  They
could make 6d lightning rods, with control slime, in just 22 weeks.
      Total purchase price for this item 30,000 6D lightning + double 12,000
for control = $54,000.  Not included in the purchase price are six live
slimes.  Now this is a problem.  There are no lightning rods in my campaign.
   Has anyone figured out how to catch and transport a live silver slime?  I
mean lightning even de-enchants.  How long can you maintian freeze.

      David Michael Grouchy II

Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 15:26:36 -0600
From: "David Michael Grouchy II" <david_michael_grouchy_ii@hotmail.com>
Subject: (TFT) Monster creation


      "The area of Monster Building is generally a Chaotic leaning but
can get the Monster to "DO GOOD".   However a Failure will result in loss of
- - Dave Arneson, First Fantasy Campaign, Page 76

      Curse:  Through the use of a strong enough curse one could make  any
creature into just a nuisance creature.  A nuisance being anything with low
ST,DX, or IQ.  To be doubly cursed would be to have below 7 in two
attributes.  This is beastly.  Triple curse, low in all three, is
monsterous.  The thing would probably be killed by a fall off of its porch.
For this reason curse is not an effective way for making monsters.  If the
GM will let one curse a specific talent or spell, instead of an attribute,
then monster creation is possible.  For instance a person with a cursed
charisma would be disliked and attacked frequently.
      Shapeshifting:  The problem with shape shifting is that while it can
turn someone into any known monster, it canít be used to create some kind of
new monster.  Even worse is the fact that shapeshifting them into a demon
does not give them infinite MA, or an attribute total greater than the one
they had.  The most effective use of shapeshifting in monster creation is to
make a simulacra.  Something that looks exactly like person one wishes to
send them against.  This startles and alarms players.
      Subjective deconstructionism:  My Psychologist friend says this is
brain washing, my Islamic friend says it is the making of a Hashisian or
assasin, and Britanic.com says it is the relationship of mythology to place
. . .

      ìThe monster symbolizes the strangeness and awesomeness occurring when
a new land or space is occupied. The "monster" of the place is the
undifferentiated character of the space and must be immobilized before the
new space can be established.î

      An example of creating an ogre, would be to make its old mythology
in some location.  Ogres are know for eating people.  Thus canibalism
reintroduced as a cultural norm.  To make canibalism not taboo, one would
have to have theologian.
      Cryptozoology: The use of half-breeds to make radically new creatures.
For instance to make a feather snake, I suggest the roc, and the apep.  Take
the starting attributes of each race and average them.  For something like a
Chimera, take three races and average them.  This takes two generations.
      Animal to human transplants:  A great apeís heart in a man.  The claws
of a eagle on a goblins hands.  In this type of monster creation, only one
attribute is averaged like ST with the ape, or HTH with the goblin.  This
requires an Alchemist lab, as many many healing poitions are needed.

      David Michael Grouchy II

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Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 10:26:11 -0800
From: "Cas Liber" <casliber@ozemail.com.au>
Subject: Re: (TFT) Half breeds

The addendum to this is the hybrid specifically bred for a purpose. e.g.
mules (hybrid tween donkey and horse) is good at dungeons where neither
parent is (temperament?)
In plant breeding there are F1 hybrids which are more vigorous than either
parent (tomatoes etc.). One could postulate that if a hybrid is part of a
breeding program it gets an extra 2 attribute points to put somewhere due to
extra ability in something.

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