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Re: (TFT) Just a test...

<casliber@ozemail.com.au> wrote:
> Sorry, folks - just a test to make sure the host facility hasn't hosed
> us again...
> I think there may be a problem, I posted a freaks & geeks quip a 
> couple of days ago and didnt' see it come back (unless my wife 
> deleted it or something)
> Cas

I saw that one.  Saw the episode, too - pretty funny.  That show
scares me a lot - while the kids in it are a little younger than I
was at the time, much of it hits too close to home!

If anyone's ever unsure if a post made it to the list, all you need
to do is check the archives at http://tft.brainiac.com/ and see if it's
there.  If it is, it made it out to the list.  It's when I see no messages
in either my mail queue or the archive that I worry :)

It's a short-term thing, though - I got the official OK today to put
a server in the hosting space I manage for a living.  6MB/s of connectivity
(that's like 4 T-1 lines) and a nice Sparc 10 to put it on, *and* I get
to cut the dependence on the idjits currently running the brainiac.com
email.  Stay tuned...

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