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Re: (TFT) Blub-dub.... taking a pulse on the list

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>   One D20 product I saw that caused me to laugh out loud in my local game

shop is "Hack Master."  A blatant hack & slash sytem.  The cover art was 
great.  Pure satire of the old AD&D cover art.

   David Michael Grouchy II<

The story I heard is that the Hack Master (which is NOT a d20 system)
system is a liscence of the 1st edition AD&D materials. 

Rumor has it this came about because the "Knights of the Dinner Table"
cartoon wound up on the Dragon CD without the permission of the owners -
who also publish Hack Master. So instead of sueing, they just worked out a
deal to liscence the 1st edtion AD&D stuff as a parody. 

Of course, it's a joke that's gone a little farther than I could afford to
buy, but it sure looks cute. 

The d20 stuff is almost universally awful but I have picked up some of the
items from Mongoose Publishing that should work really well with TFT. 

"Seas of Blood" is a an excellent Naval combat supplement and "The Slayers
Guide to Amazons" is a delightfully cheesy guide to Amazon tribes that even
includes a centerfold! Very good joke - especially if you're a Xena fan. 


This publisher manages to keep the prices very reasonable, the artwork
pretty professional and best of all avoids the *worse* feature of most d20
products - pages and pages of new character classes. So far, no new
character classes have taken up more than 2 pages in any of their products.

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>>Any feelings on dnd3E?

Well, no, actually. That's why we still enjoy TFT.

I've heard that D&D3E is much better than AD&D2, but that it brings it up
to about 1982 standards. And since TFT was ahead of its time, I'd say that
TFT is still more advanced in design.

Definitely. I was reading the "Shadow Chasers" d20 game, which is aBuffy
the Vampire Slayer modern horror game and since classes make absolutely no
sense in modern RPGs they had to take the rather appaling design choice of
having the following classes: "Fast Hero", "Strong Hero", "Charismatic
Hero" and "Smart Hero". Shudder... 

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