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(TFT) Answering my own question...sort of

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>Powered by GURPS titles will be 100% 
compatible with traditional GURPS, but not necessarily generic. This
treatment lends itself 
best to licensed works, where adherence to setting canon is our top
priority and where we 
hope to sell books to an existing fanbase of non-gamers.<

This is a great way of saying "Our generic universal system doesn't work
with most settings!"

>>>>  Take the poll if you like, 
>>>>but don't expect to see much in the way of choices that would make it
more like TFT.  

For years I tried to futz with GURPS enough to make it TFT-like and
playable and I wound up having to write so much material that I might as
well have written a new game. And its *still* didn't play very well. 

That's when I gave up and went back to TFT. 

But recently I've been talking to someone who actually has re-written major
parts of GURPS to make it a much better game. I'm bugging him to write all
his changes down, but it's pretty interesting. He fixed the skill system,
changed the combat system to 3 second turns, changed the way disadvantages
and magic and psionics all work. Very cool stuff. 

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