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(TFT) Re: Answering my own question...sort of

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> >>>>Even in the area of magic, I've found that what 
> >>>>most people say is incompatible with GURPS is merely ignoring some
> >>>>of flexibility or system that GURPS has.

That's funny, I've actually found the opposite. Most people that says GURPS
can handle anything usually mean "if you ignore major parts of the GURPS
rules that dont work". 

> >>>>Perhaps we should take this offline so as to not bore the others with
> >>>>of conversions.

I agree. If GURPS works for you that's great - its a LOT easier to find
GURPS players than TFT players! 

I'm just glad SJG is thinking about addressing the problems with it. 

He's always said that while admitting there are problems, he doesn't want
to invalidate the existing books, but I have faith in him that if he puts
his mind to it, he can design a much better game. 

In fact he already did!

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