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(TFT) Branya 5

    "To the side of law."
    The tip of his staff starts to glow.
    "To fight against the hell I learned so well."
    The white light has a red core, beating, like a heart.
              -Glemantrious "The Glamour Trip"

Rich patrons. That's what they needed. These uncontrollable and self destructive groups of adventurers. A rich patron could get them to follow his plans by paying them. That and he would dispatch them on the mission on their own. While he stayed safe at home. Another disaster. These adventurers did everything. Everything but the mission. They would take the down payment and go do something else. They would go on the mission if it was for a magic item, but they would keep the item for themselves. They would pay some mercinaries half what they made to do the mission for them, then report the total failure and demand the other half of the payment. Sometimes they would just kill the patron and loot his offices. I went back to my tower. Absently scrolling throught the past with my crystal ball. It seemed hopeless. I was begining to think these guys just didn't want to win the war of hell with death. Then I got an idea. As a wizard I knew better, but I was desparate. Used my crystal ball to see the future. To find out what Idea I would come up with that would work. It took a while, but I found it. I found the first success. I was at once repulsed and rivited. The adventurers took to this guy like a fire to dry wood. His name was Sharky, and I immediately went and recruited him.

	David Michael Grouchy II

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