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Re: (TFT) Crossbows Are Too Powerful ?

Ty Beard wrote:
> Here you can also see the gaming absurdity of equating penetration and
> damage. In GURPS, an M1 Garand does 7d+1 damage -- an average of 25.5 points
> per shot. Few ST 10 normals in GURPs will survive a single hit from such a
> weapon. A sci-fi blaster rifle does 12d damage (!).

Well, GURPS has its own way of decoupling the damage from the penetration.  
Depending on the hit location, the majority of that 7d+1 will probably 
be lost.  And ST 0 <> dead in GURPS the way it does in TFT.

I still think, though, that while reality is good, it isn't the main
thing.  This may be heretical, but IMO a game is about interesting choices.
As it is now, TFT longbows may be underpowered compared to real longbows, 
but the higher ROF makes up for it.  In my opinion, using your figures...

> > -Longbows require a ST of 13 and do 2+1 damage.
> > -Heavy Crossbows require a ST of 12 and do 2+1 damage.
> > -Light crossbows require a ST of 10 and do 1+1 damage.

...really means that almost no one except perhaps a starting character
would use crossbows, assuming the ROF at normal and high DX levels 
remained the same.  Realistic?  Very possibly.   But that's one less 
choice to make with your character, and to me, that's bad.

But that's just me.  One other comment I would make is that the 
statement "these weapons ignore all armor and shields" should have
a bit of elaboration.  Should they really ignore a +5 W/A enchanted suit
of fine plate?  What about the armor of monsters?  It ignores all that?
I think it would be better to say that they ignore X points of armor,
with X being whatever you judge appropriate.  Five or six points, I'd
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