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Re: (TFT) Length of time for mass combats.

> Not really.  I think that realistically
> a one on one fight usually lasted longer than
> the 2 or 3 combat turns it takes in TFT.
> GURPS theoretically would help with this with
> its parry rolls, but then he made the turn 1
> second so in GURPS it is worse!

I disagree. Most of my SCA bouts are over in that 10-15 second range, and a
considerable number of them in less time (including the bouts in the Coronet
I won). I venture that if grappling was allowed (and it was used extensively
in the period), the bouts would be shorter. Fiori de Liberi's book written
in the 1400's indicates that if you take longer than a single technique to
defeat an opponent, you screwed up. Also, I can throw a heck of a lot more
than 1 blow in 5 seconds...

Part of TFT that's not realistic that we have to recognize is that the guy
with 12DX is just as easy for me to hit as the guy with 20DX (discounting UC
skills). That's the goofy part. It might be better to assume a 10DX (50%) is
standard, and work on the difference between DXs, normalized to 10. But that
would slow things down, and you'd get to know their DX pretty quickly.

Neil Gilmore
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