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Re: (TFT) TFT --> copyright and fair use.

rsmith writes:
Hi David, David.
   Sorry about the messy divorce.  But a shredder?  That's just mean.
   Here is a repost from the Mnoren Librarium.  If you e-mail this guy,
he hasn't loaned his stuff out currently, and there isn't a waiting list,
should be able to hook you up.
   Now for the necessary legal disclaimer.
   This news group is bending over backwards to honor the copyright laws.
Otherwise we would probably just reprint TFT ourselves and sell copies.
sense no one has gotten a license to do that... we have found a clause that
at least keeps the game from dis-appearing entirely.  Apparently it is
legal for someone to make one copy for personal use.
You can get John's e-mail from the re-post below.
   David Michael Grouchy II

	I just wanted to add what DMGII said, If you
bought the material, you are allowed to make a copy
for personal use as a back up, in case your copy
becomes damaged.  I believe your case would clearly
come under fair use.

Standard Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and the following
should not be construed in any as legal advice.
Actually, I think the only material that David would be
legally allowed to copy is the copy which he owned (which
is now shredded).
The Mnoren Library works a little different.  The owner
of the library loans you the materials.  What you do with
them while you have them is your own affair.  Just don't
tell the Librarian what you plan to do with the materials. Dan =====
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