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Re: (TFT) Happy Hollydaze

Joe Hartley wrote:
Hope everyone has a happy holiday season and gets a mint copy of
all TFT items under the tree!

In the spirit of the holiday season (I suppose) here's a snippet of
a song, to the tune of Do You Hear What I Hear?  It's a tribute to
a player in our group who never knows what he needs to hit, and who
always has all his stuff buried in a drift of newspapers and miscellaneous

Do You Know If I Hit?

Do you know if I hit,
said the JJ man to the poor GM,
do you know if I hit,
do you know if I hit...
My dex is high I really think I did.

A hit!  A hit! Might it be a crit?
Where's my tables there somewhere under here
Never fear, they're somewhere under here...

(Eh, I suppose you had to be there.)
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