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Re: (TFT) Falling in TFT --> New rules posted.

Rick, first let me say that I have tremendous respect for the
longevity of your campaign, and your body of work in general.

However, I find I tend to see your rules as harsh.  I believe
this is at its heart a difference in perspective.  Take for
example your rules for Sweeping Blows.  I have never seen a TFT
campaign where a -4 DX penalty was insignificant.  I have,
therefore, never seen any need to change canon to try and
reclaim some degree of challenge for characters who might
reasonably choose to follow one example you gave:

"Jemmueb has an Eyes Behind item and takes a sweeping blow at 4
different enemies. That is 3 extra targets. (Striking at only
one figure is not a sweeping blow.) Jemmueb is at -12 DX on each
of the 4 attacks."

At -12 DX, I know of no character in my direct experience which
would attempt this gimmick, especially where under your rules,
"Any successful hits done by a sweeping blow do one half

I'm sure, based simply on the longevity of your game, that
you're doing 'it' right.  I just am not sure that 'it' is still
TFT.  I am sure that 'it' is not canon.

Which is not neccessarily a _bad_ thing.  After all, canon
includes things like 'Mining with Missle Spells', wherein it's
more effective to throw a weak missle spell at the wall behind a
foe than directly at him.  Clearly, there are errors in canon,
even given all errata.

But I do think you are writing for a setting that is
higher-statted than most, and I suggest that the world suggested
in the published scenarios, wherein Arpad Szloty(sp?) makes
sweeping blows, is a more reasonable general measure for
comparison.  And in that world, I feel your Sweeping rules are

I realize that in order to challenge such worthies as Jemmueb,
challenge must be maintained.  But I do wish you would not find
that challenge by changes to canon, esp. those that invalidate
existing examples like Arpad.  

If Jemmueb (or any other character) has earned such high stats
that he's sweeping with a poleaxe and not feeling the -4DX, then
he's earned that, too.  He's earned the right to have to fight
in narrow tunnels, or in the dark, or against Yuan-Ti with a
native -3 DX to be hit, -2 more against missles and sweeps.  Or
all three at once.  But he shouldn't have his earned advancement
taxed out from under him by changes to the rules.

Just my opinion.

--- rsmith <rsmith@lightspeed.ca> wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> 	Matt and I have posted new rules for falling
> damage in TFT.  In addition to the rules, there is
> an appendix explaining how the rules took their
> present form.
> 	Comments would be welcome.
> http://tft.brainiac.com/RicksTFT/title.html
> 	Rick
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