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Re: (TFT) TFT and Autorealm

From: "Perrin, David" <perrind@WJBChiltern.com>

Has anyone duplicated the Maps in Autorealm yet ? In particular
does anyone have a "Megahex" object to overlay the hex grid ?

Haven't heard of Autorealm till just now. Looks interesting. I thought I was the only one still programming in Delphi. No one has made a "Megahex" object that I know of, yet. Though I searched the Autorealm site, and I couldn't find a description of their overlay formats. Till I can figure out the format they need here are some other "megahex" graphics already availiable.

   On Ty's web page are two in MSword, and one in PDF.




On my web site I have a Megahex level editor, with up to 35 levels, that works like a 2D paint program but can export to 3D .map format.

   It's called "hex_lab", and it's in the software section.

Back to Autorealm for a second. If you can find out the format for their grid/hex overlay, be it a 'picture', 'vector' or '3D' format I can whip something up fairly quick for it. Otherwise, I might get a chance to read their files in more detail this weekend.

   David Michael Grouchy II

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