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Re: (TFT) How Many of You Use Megahexes?

> Do you use megahexes? Are they worth the trouble?

Yes, and yes. But I tend to not use them for longer ranges (like real
archery range, for example).

> Do you use small scale hex paper for mapping?

I have in the past, and still do, mostly. I sometimes even place items in
their hex inside the megahex on the small-scale paper.

> What do you think about going to a square grid for TFT?

It works, but require tuning. Basically, I charged 1.5 MP for a diagonal
move (I know, it's a bit off, but easier to count), and changed the facings
a bit. For single hex characters, the 3 squares across the front and the one
to their handed side were front, the one directly behind was rear, and the
others sides. It made handedness useful. But it got a lot more difficult for
multi-hex figures (except 2 hex ones).

At one point, I had constructed the entirety of Tollenkar's Lair out of
full-scale hexes, and had counters for everything in it. I was much younger

Neil Gilmore
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