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RE: (TFT) Micro Quests

Hi new to the group, been listenin in the last couple weeks. I 
used to play Wizards, Melee, GEV, Ogre and a slew of the other 
Fantasy Trip Micro Games when they first came out.

Anyway to make a long story longer 8^) I was going through my 
garage a whilst back and came across my old copies of Melee, 
Wizard Death Test1, Death Test2, Treasure of the Silver Dragon and 
Treasure of Unicorn Gold. I have not been able to find the 
counters that go with them yet and am interested in getting the 
sets back to close to original any suggestions or locations where 
I can find jpg's or bmps of the original counters(2nd edition)

I know they are somewhere in the garage but they are buried under 
years of acummulated goblin scat.

Robert Morger
Boerne, TX


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