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From: "David Michael Grouchy II" <david_michael_grouchy_ii@hotmail.com>
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To: tft@brainiac.com
Subject: RE: (TFT) Micro Quests
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 15:44:57 -0600
Reply-To: tft@brainiac.com

>From: "rmorger" <rmorger@mail.ev1.net>
>Hi new to the group, been listenin in the last couple weeks.

    Welcome!  At the link below you can download pdf files of Melee and
Wizard.  On the last page of each are the counters that came with those
games.  Maybe you can use those, to print out some new copies.


    David Michael Grouchy II

Thanks David will check out the link even though I'm not real fond of PDF's
need to anyway figured out I dont have the wizards spell tables anymore
bummer!  B^)
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