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Re: (TFT) The day the music died

Think of those times when the mechanics didn't matter...

(really short version)
In an old-style D&D campaign, I recall a party of beginning characters,
beaten and bloody, on their way back to town. They encountered 3 ogres.
There was no way that they could've fought their way out -- but they could
play their way out. One of the party talked to them, and said that as they
were in the King's service, and on a mission for him (they were not, of
course), that they had leave to hire guards for the party. Of course, if
their mission went unfinished (because of death, for example), then the King
would have to scour the hinterlands for them (and likely catch the ogres).
(The party took a gamble that the ogres were 'outlaws', and took to hiding
from the usual patrols in the area). So the party ended up with guards and
their lives, at the cost of some spare change. Good so far, right? Well,
somebody bright figured out that ogres usually have treasure. So they went
and bought 3 greatswords, and 3 doses of contact poision (has an assassin in
the party). Poison went on the hilts. Went back into the woods next
adventure, looking for the ogres. Found them, and said that seeing as how
they were such good guards, they shouldn't have to use tree branches for
weapons, and gave them the swords. Tracked them to the lair, waited until
morning, and took all their stuff. Fun adventure, good story, and no combat.

But it doesn't compare to the time a bored friend played the kobolds on
behalf of the GM...

Neil Gilmore
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