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Re: (TFT) I knew this guy

Neil Gilmore wrote:
Playing the numbers is only truly enjoyable for juveniles and
twits. Hence the reason I stopped playing Champions long ago and far away,
because those people thought it was more fun to crunch the numbers than to
play a superhero.

Sigh.  It's all in how people want to play the game.  I love crunching the
numbers, and playing Champions, but I'm not an ass.  When our group plays AD&D,
we use a version of the rules that I completely re-edited.  But more often than
not, someone else is DM'ing it.  Do I know the rules better than they do?  Damn
straight.  I typed every word of them afterall.  But do I 'call the DM out' when
they do something different, or ignore a 'rule' in my book?  No.  They're running
the game, and that's that.

Maybe rules lawyers are a pain, but knowing the damn rules doesn't make
you a rules lawyer.
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