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Solo III
Demon World
Part 026

The next morning. Everyone gathers for breakfast. You go and sit next to Gail. "Gail, remember that cup you showed me in the lab. The one that lets you see all the enchantments on anything you pass it over?"
    Between spoonfulls of food she says "Yes."
"Couldn't we go to the first throne we destroyed and pass it over that. Maybe get an idea of what kind of magic is at work there?" "Mnnnn." She swallows a mouthfull. "I don't think so. I mean we cleansed it." The she stops like she's frozen. It passes and she starts talking fast. "I know cleansing isn't a disolve enchantment. So any actual enchantments should remain. But the thrones seem to be powered by some kind of demonic evil. Not traditional enchantments. But maybe... Maybe there is something left." She gets a big smile. "At least something that might give a clue. Maybe some kind of supporting enchantment, or periferal enhancement."

The ministry of elegance and sophistication decends upon you. Your hair is cut, and your hands manicured. Your face is shaved. The boys asist you in dressing. You look fantastic. The other girls come out looking equally refined, and the team sets off on this new mission.

You have the cup in one hand, and the dragon heart in the other. You, Rebecca, and Ada are teleported into the throne room. The first one where you accidentally caused the marble seat to be cleansed of evil.

It's dusty and empty in here. The room has that vacuous abandoned feeling to it. There are no demons and no cushions. But there is someone on the throne.
    "I've been expecting you Gigamax."
At first you think it's a demon, but it's just a short bearded little man. His legs dangling off the throne not even reaching half way to the floor. His body has odd proportions, like a dwarf. "You'll never succeed, and they will find you." He emphasises the word 'will' with a bit of heat and hatred. You decide to keep quiet and let him rant. "You are just as guilty as the demons. You think you are rescuing children!?" He sits forward a little. "Ha! You too are a keeper of imprisoned souls." "What do you think all those magic items the children had, are? Didn't you ever wonder why there was never a child with one that had the full five enchantments on it." He pauses to let that hit you like ice water. Somewhere in the back of your mind you understand what he just said. And it turns your stomach. "The demons need innocent souls to make magical devices. Anything you captured and didn't make yourself in the traditional way is powered by the soul of a child. Or more than one." He allows himself a wicked laugh. "So what are you going to do? Stop using the tools that got you this far? Disolve all the enchantments and free the children." He laughs again. "As if you could." With that he dissappears. Like he was never there. He seemed to know that you don't have the disolve enchantment spell. And he knew your old name. Gigamax. You remember that much. That was, in fact, your working name. Rebecca and Ada take you by the arms and teleport you back to the hall. Everywhere you see rescued children. Listening to Gail with one ear while she talks about the teleport spell, and playing with their pet magic items at the same time.

David Michael Grouchy II

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