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Solo III
Demon World
Part 028

Gail is floating among the stars. Brilliant, calm, and steady. She tries to hold your hand, but it passes through like you aren't really there. She holds her own hand in front of her face. Stars are visible through it. She turns her hand over to look at the back side.
    "Just think of Uncle, and you will be next to him."  Says Ada.
"This is astral." Says Gail. "I read that nothing can harm you here except a few types of spells."
    "Right."  Says Ada.  She turns to you.  "Let's go."
You think of Gail's body sitting back on the carpet in your room. Instantly you are there. A moment later Gail and Ada join you, each floating looking down on their own sleeping body. "This is your body Gail. This is where you return to wake yourself up." You say. She looks at her body for a moment then to you. She nods. You think of the dwarven emperor and instantly you are standing before him. You are astral and he is unaware of your arrival. But the six old dwarves with him see you. They too are astral. Gail and Ada show up a moment later.

The emperor is standing in a room of mithril pillars. Behind him is a huge half dome of a window that looks out on the sea floor and up at the bottom of waves. There are two steering wheels behind the dwarf. Wooden, of the wagon wheel style, with hand pegs around the circumferance of each. The six old dwarves have long white beards and white hair. The beards flow down over black cloaks made of stars. Their faces are simi-translucent and you can see the steering deck through them, but the cloaks are solid black with just the stars. They have the cloaks pulled completely around them so they look like pillars of stars with dwarf heads on top. "We know you now." Says the oldest one. And you can feel them there in an immediate and personal sense. Even in there astral cloaks there is a stong feeling that these are the emperors personal body guard, and that you could find them again with a thought. As could they you. Each of the six are making ready to cast spells on you.

Gail imediately dissappears. Reflexively you think of her and you appear on a white sandy beach between palms and the ocean. Ada is already there. "We can't go back to our bodies." Gail says. "They can find us now, even in the lab." And at that moment the six old dwarves show up. The blackness of their stary cloaks contrasting to the beach and untouched by it.

David Michael Grouchy II

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