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Solo III
Demon World
Part 030

Gail turns to the dragon form of Uncle and says "But Dragons can't... How did you... That isn't in any of the books." She sounds exasperated.

I rememeber how angry this dragon was the first time we met. He could smell revival potions on me. Made from five youth potions each. Youth potions made from countless dragon hearts. He instantly knew that I am a drinker of dragon's blood.

"I subdued him. And I mastered him." Uncle says. "Now I will take you to master your own dragon."

The dragon speaks in your mind. "I am your memory." There is a harmonizing of your minds. You become indistinguishable from the dragon. That lost forgotten part of you that was your past comes back into focus, like it was never gone. You know how to do things now that most people have never dreamed of. What better place to hide your memories than the isle of dragons. You will show Ada and Gail how to subdue their own dragon spirit and rule over it.

"Magic is about walking up to the front door and knocking." Uncle continues. "Respecting the dreams of others and using their own judgements against them. After beating him within a milimeter of his life I showed my own wrath for all the human blood he drank. I looked him right in the eyes, and judged him by his own wrath. And he submitted."

"A dragon is that which was lost to man in the garden. When reconciled with us even dragons can walk amoung the stars." With his physical human eyes open Uncle look around the cave, hearing it's sounds and feeling the heat. As an astral dragon, Uncle keeps talking. "I will teach you to subdue your own dragons so the two of you can bring your bodies here. We will join the crew of a pirate ship. And we will wage war on the iron slave ships that sail the rivers of fire." The astral dragon smiles. "Now we will rescue children by the boat load."

Uncle leads them out of the cave. He turns back into a physical dragon, massive, nible, and inteligent. His human form rejoining Ada and Gail in the astral world. The dragon quickly finds another, a little smaller, but almost as ancient. They ignore each other. Uncle's dragon moving by. Like two ships passing at sea. Suddenly Uncle becomes phyiscal. The other dragon is totally surprised. He sees the dragon heart in Uncle's hand, and... and... The rage is beyond words. Uncle charges up his hammer touch. The dragon leaps apon him. Uncle has charged up the glove so strong that he is draining energy away from his astral dragon. The astral dragon seems very tired. Uncle lightly punches the charging dragon across the nose. Just a glancing blow. he barely makes contact. The discharge of energy is massive. The charging dragon is halted and shock waves travel down its entire spine. It's whole massive body is knocked backwards from Uncle and lands on its back. The throat and bottom of its mouth exposed. Uncle as the astral dragon says to Ada. "Now Ada. Go. Look into its eyes. And show it all the wrath you feel for all the children who have ever suffered in the history of the world. Dominate him as he would gladly have done to you. And when you reach the end of yourself, and feel all your memories leaving, just remember one thing. It was a serpent who started all this missery in the first place."

David Michael Grouchy II

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