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RE: (TFT) solo delay for two days

From: "Steve" <mthead@myway.com>

What dedication! Thanks from the lurker fan club. I'm sure enjoying these.

Thanks a lot. It's a rare privelege to have a lurker surface and make a comment. I'm really enjoying these too. Just got back in and I only had time to write a partial. So here is the first half of thursday's. I'll get the other half out in the evening.

Solo III
Demon World
Part 037

Captain Split takes the wheel. He turns the ship away from the island. As it comes around it leans hard to the port, picking up a strong wind. It leaves a wake behind it, and ocean swells start slaping against the prow. The astral dragons are flying along outside the front of the ship. There is a school of flying fish leaping before the bow wave and skimming along the surface of the water. The fish are tiny, with little wing like fins.

Physically Cookpot comes over to Gail and Ada, edging out some other crewmen who are starting to gather around them. "Come with me, we'll get you some Quarters, and cothes." He leads them to a door in the wall of the aft deck. The aft deck is 2 meters higher than the rest of the ship. This door is on the right side. Most of the crew are headed to the door on the left side. Cookpot leads Gail and Ada down a steep wooden stair with polished round railings to a narrow hallway. It runs left and right and is very narrow. To the left it turns to the right, or toward the back of the ship. In the other direction it runs to the starboard side of the ship and ends at a porthole. Along the corridor are three doors. He ignores them, goes to the left and turns the corner. Now the corridor goes to the back of the ship ending in a fancy door with engravings of gargoyles on it. Six of them. Four at the corners and two on either side of the middle. On the left side of the walkway are four more normal doors. He Opens the second one. Inside is a largish room with a slightly curved outter wall and two portholes. The right wall is a little shorter than the left wall. There are two sets of bunks in here, and a table fixed to the floor in the middle. On either side of the door are vanities and stools. They are bare with round mirrors fixed to the walls, but there is a basin with a large pitcher on each one. The bunks are built into the center of the left and right walls. Inboard and outboard of each pair of bunks is a trunk set on the floor. Four in all. "Use the trunks for clothes, they are water tight." He says. Under the portholes against the far wall, the curved wall, is a long bench. The seat has seams separating four sections. Each one a little more curved than the next to fit the ouside wall. He walks over to the bench and lifts up a wooden section of the seat revealing a storage area. "Here is some more storage, and some more practical clothing." He drops the seat with a thunk. "You might find some working clothes in the other seats, not sure." He turns, faces them and smiles appologetically. "Everyone is going to sleep on deck tonight, even the captain." The smile gets bigger and more strained. "You don't have to, but you might want to. They're clearing out the galley now. See, now that we have the stuff, it's time to start cookin up some gunpowder, and well..." The smile fades to a frown. Then the smile reappears. "It smells really bad. And it takes a week." He walks over to some trunks at the foot of the bunk beads. "You can stow your personal stuff in these. We'll be having our last hot meal on the deck tonight. After that it'll be cold stew till the powder is finished." He rubs his chin. "Oh, and if it rains, everyone usually crowds into the Anchor room to sleep. Anyway..." He hesitates a moment then heads for the door. "I'll be in the galley if you need me." And he leaves.

David Michael Grouchy II

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