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Solo III
Demon World
Part 039

Gail and Ada are sitting at the Vanities when one of the mates sneaks into the room. He comes in from outside the ship through a porthole and is standing there on top of a window seat. He has a dagger out and looks like he's up to no good.

     _______ __|door |__ _______ ___________
    /|vanity\  |     |  / vanity|           /
   / |______|\         /|_______|\         /
  /   Gail    \_______/    Ada    \_______/
  \           /       \           /       \
   \ ________/         \         /         \
    \_______/|          \_______/           \
    /       \|          /       \           /
   /         \         /         \________ /
  /  bunk    |\_______/_____     |\_______/
  \          |/     | \     |    |/       \
   \         /      | table |    /         \
    \_______/|      |   \___|___/|  bunk    \
    /_______\|      |__ /___|   \|          /
   /         \         /         \         /
  /           \_______/          |\_______/
  \__________ /       \          |/_______\
   \         /\        \         /         \
    \_______/  Mate     \_______/           \
            \   with____/       \           /
             \   dagger/\        \         /
              \_______/  \        \_______/
                      \   \_______/_______\
                       \  window seats     \

ST  9      Amulet Fireproof
DX 11 (16) Amulet DX+5
IQ 20      Amulet vs. Fire Elemental
MA 10 Light, Aid, Trailtwister, 7-hex Illusion, Reverse Missiles, Megahex Freeze,
      Stone Flesh, Teleport, Megahex Avert, Hammer Touch, Megahex sleep,
      Long distance Telepathy, Cleansing, Lesser Magic Item Creation,
      Long Distance Teleport, Wizard's Wrath,
      Literacy(1), Alchemy(3), Sorceror's Toung(0)

ST  8      kyanite gem 48 point ST battery
DX 14(18)  kyanite gem DX+4
IQ 17      kyanite gem long-distance teleport
MA 10      Ear ring    long-distance telepathy, Fireproof, Invisibility
      light, Aid, Trailtwister, mage sight, control person,
      repair, lightning, teleport, megahex avert, hammer touch,
      7-hex illusion, megahex sleep, Cleansing,
      literacy(1), Alchemy(3), Sorcerer's Toung(0)

ST 11
DX 13
IQ 10 Seamanship(1), boating(1), swiming(1), knife(1), Unarmed Combat(2), Climbing(1), Guns(2)

Uncle's dragon tells Gail and Ada's "He'll make a better example if you just kill him outright. He looks like some kind of rapist to me, and deserves what he gets. Just be glad he didn't sneak in here with his gun." And the mate is infact one of the four blunderbuss that first covered you when you boarded the ship.

If you kill him Uncle has you drag the body up on deck and bring it to the captain. The captain gets angry and starts yelling at all his men for being stupid. "We are gonna trade them. And one of your bone heads knew he was going to try something. And you didn't stop him. Well now look. Got what he deserved he did."

If you just put him to sleep, or restrain him Uncle won't let you take him up on deck. "He'll sing a different song than you. Maybe you bewitched him against his will. It won't go well. Now we have to dump him overboard. That's not so clean. There will be questions, and we won't get as good of a trade."

If the mate even wounds one of you Uncle will be so dissappointed he will want to scrub the mission and go back to the island of dragons. "Come up with a new plan. I had no buisness taking children into the pirate world anyway."

Latter the Captian stops by for a chat. He comes in the door without knocking, catches a stool in front of the vanity with his foot, and slides it over to the table where he sits down. "When we get to beach side you're going to be traded. Either the Salt, The Eyeball, or the Hydra. That old man with you really can see farther than anyone. He's already told me the name of all twenty seven ships in harbour and which three captains don't have their beds made. That'll give us a couple of fathoms on them." He chuckles. "Too bad Lisa thinks she can't control you. That old man sure is the best look out ever. And you too are a right nice peice to look at too." He rubs his chin a moment. "So! The profit lives up to her name this trip. Cookpot will make up his losses covering you three, easy. Profit will be able to pick up three new crew at no loss. And we should be able to get at least a years worth of duckets to cover you on your new ship." Now he just smiles and looks, like you are supposed to say something.
    "Thanks."  Says Gail
He blushes like a little boy. "Well... it is a big deal I guess." He rises to leave, but just stands there talking. "There will be a lot of questions, and it may take two days to finish all the negotiations. That and the women will insist on knowing. That is... well... what ship were you on? They'll want to know your history, and who it is that went down."
    "I don't remember any ship."  Gail says.  "You know how dragons are."
The captain looks a little saddened by this. He turns to leave the room. He stops with his hand on the handle, and looks back. He looks at the door again, then looks back at the girls again. He shrugs and exits the room.

David Michael Grouchy II

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