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Solo III
Demon World
Part 041

Guzzler climbs down the rope ladder. Once in the boat Captain split climbs up. On deck he smiles at Gail and Ada. "It's been a true profit." He half bows, and half gestures toward the rope ladder. "Guzzler will take you to your new accomidations." At this point Uncle has rolled out of the look out nest and is climbing down the rope ladders to the boat. He's climbing down with one hand. Not too fast, but nimble. As he passes by the captain Uncle's hand with the glove, and the dragon heart is visible. But the captain is looking at Gail and Ada for the last time, trying to save the image. Uncle gets in the boat facing the same way as Guzzler and in front of him. Gail and Ada climb down the rope ladder. They sit in the back of the boat, facing Uncle and Guzzler directly. Guzzler uses an oar to push off from the ship. He picks up the other oar from where it lays on the bottom of the boat, and drops both into the oarlocks. Leaning forward and pulling with his back he rows away.

Gail and Ada can see where the boat is going. Uncle and Guzzler are facing them. The boat bobs and rolls a little as waves pass under it. "I'm gonna speak openly, in front of Guzzler, while we have this breif moment in the boat." Uncle sits forward on the seat resting his elbows on his knees and holding his chin in his palms, fingers running up alongside his face, like he's examining Gail and Ada. "Gail, did it ever occure to you that you don't know how to make gunpowder?" He waits for an answer. Gail says "Yes, but Cookpot showed us. It was easy. He had the cookbook right there. Besides, I've made potions before." "Yes." Uncle says. "Both you and Ada have made potions. Magical ones. Not Chemical. Gunpowder is based on natural science, not magic. All your training is magical. You know nothing of mechanics, mathematics, or chemistry." "I didn't have a problem with the absence of incantations, and words or names. All the components for the powder had active ingredients. They just need to be mixed at the right temperatures and proportions" replys Ada. "I'm not saying you don't know chemistry. It's obvious you know chemistry now. Active ingredient? Temperature? These are chemical terms. I didn't teach them to you. Most people take years to learn how to make gunpowder without blowing themselves up. Yet you and Ada did it so effortlessly you don't even remember not knowing chemistry before." Uncle pauses waiting for a response. Gail and Ada just look at Uncle, not sure what to say. Guzzler is still rowing, pretending not to listen. The boat rocks side to side as waves come in from the left side and pass underneath. "Come now Gail. You yourself are a teacher. Who taught you Chemistry?"
    "Cookpot did."  She says.  Then her brow furrows.  "In one day."
Uncle sits up and smiles. "Right. Your dragon mind is blank except for the hand to hand fighting talents it already had. Both of you must be carefull now in what new talents you aquire. You will only be able to learn so many instantly like this, then your dragon mind will be full, and you will take years again like anyone else." Guzzler has stopped rowing for one stroke. He realizes it and starts rowing again. While rowing he just looks down at his own seat hiding his eyes from Gail and Ada. Uncle continues. "I want you to grasp the power of this so you don't use it lightly. You can learn to sword fight in a day. To fence in two. But then your dragon mind would be nearly full. That would take Guzzler here about six years of study." Uncle shifts his weight putting both hands on the seat. "We are going to be ambushed on our new ship, The Triangle. Three elders have arranged it. So I want you to be ready. Now. You're going to have to kill a couple of people." Uncle continues. "Just agree with everything they say. Answer any questions honestly and openly. Like we are talking now in front of Guzzler." Uncle pauses, takes a breath, and draws himself up a bit. "But kill anyone who touches me. Or you. They probably won't touch you. They'll try to have me hauled off in chains first. Before doing anything to you." Uncle puts his hands on his knees. "But if you kill anyone who touches me, the elders will stop trying. And they'll be forced to negotiate with us. Because of our power. So the more spectacular the spell the better." Guzzler is still rowing. He's looking at Gail and Ada, a puzzled expression on his face. Curious, yet doubtful.
    Uncle sits and waits.  His hands resting on his knees.
Gail says "You taught me the wrath of the wizards. I can make it look like anything I want. Even an emotional expression, like fires of hate or the light of justice. I can do it." Ada looks to Gail then thinks a moment. "I can still throw lightning. And my dragon has healed a tiny bit. I can feel the extra power there. I believe I can drop quite a thunderclap on someone." The conversation is over. Guzzler rows on for a while. Finally he says something. "You won't have to kill anyone anyway. They won't ambush you. You were traded fairly. Besides, it all sounds crazy to me. Dragon brain, what ever that means." Uncle replies to Guzzler without turning to face him. "That would be fine Guzzler." The boat is nearing a ship. It's lit by lanterns and has one mast. It looks sleek and fast. Uncle casts spell sheild on himself. Then on Gail and Ada. With all the strength of his dragon to draw on he can maintain it for a long while. After this Uncle speaks to Guzzler again. "But I don't intend to let them take one hair from our heads."
    Guzzler says to Uncle.  "That might be a problem.  It just might."

David Michael Grouchy II

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