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RE: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT.

> srydzews@ix.netcom.com wrote 

> Hm, that gives me something of an idea.  If a potion 'aged'
> someone by a number of days it could allow the same amount
> of healing as would naturally occur during that time.

> Naturally, big guzzlers of healing potion would get old 
> before their time.  We already have a 'youth' potion, so 
> there is a precedent for potions that mess with people's 
> age and metabolism.  Of course this isn't the exact same
> effect, but similar at least.

They did this in one of the Thieves World books.  One of the major
characters (Jubal?) was injured in a fight and a healer was brought in.
The character started drinking extra healing potion without the healers
knowledge and wound up aging 20 to 30 years in a couple of weeks.
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