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Re: (TFT) Why not GURPS?

Erol wrote:
> 2. GURPS screwed up, IMO, in pricing skills vs attributes.

I'm curious. What would you prefer?

> 4. The GURPS defense and (especially) feinting system is screwy.

Any particular points you'd do differently? Do you have defense house
rules for TFT?

> 5. TFT magic has a cool "2-D" quality: Spells depend on both IQ level
> *and* St cost. GURPS loses this feature.

I'd be curious to hear more about this too. GURPS Magic has ST costs very
much like TFT Wizard. The main thing it doesn't have from TFT is the need
for wizards to have good DX to cast spells successfully (unless you need
to do something like hit the target with a fireball or touch them or

> Worse, the GURPS "prerequisite" system is
> horribly inflexible, making it hard to modify the standard magic system.

It is a huge spell base to work with, and can be pretty overwhelming. When
I've used it in campaign games, I usually say most of the spells are
unknown and only include a few per region or group. I didn't really mean
to get into discussing comparing the magic systems. That'd be another
topic. At one point I was meaning to try to convert Advanced Wizard to
GURPS - you could practically just use it as the magic system with almost
no modification, actually.

> 7. Finally, GURPS has fallen to "Krommunism." Sean Punch ("Dr. Kromm") has
> taken over as the GURPS guy in charge, and his prefered style and
> intrepretation
> are things I had been fighting against for years (<nostalgia>I remember
> the
> BBS in the days before the SS raid. And the raid itself - I apparently
> missed
> being on-line, when the plug was pulled, by 30 minutes.</nostalgia>)

<nostalgia>Yeah, I was tuned in back then too.</nostalgia>
What style and interpretation were you fighting?


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