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Re: (TFT) Why not GURPS?

-- pvk@oz.net wrote:---------------------------------------------
 It took
us about six years for our detail/realism-heavy tastes to strongly want
more complexity.

If you like TFT but want more complexity and detail, GURPS is clearly the right game for you.  Good choice.

I've had much success with
running games without even trying to teach new players the rules. I can
just ask them what they want to do, and immediately translate it to the
game system. Of course, I had 10 years of GM experience (2-3 in GURPS)
before I realized I could do this.

I've done that for grade school kids who wanted to learn AD&D  (a long time ago)  but in TFT and GURPS character generation is an important part of the game (and the fun).  And GURPS has a steeper learning curve.

once you learn and
get used to it, it's not bad, at least to me. However I have to remind
myself I've been gaming so long that some of my capacities, tastes and
perceptions are unusual.

I'm sure your right, once you get used to it, those 5 rolls and 6 calculations per swing become second nature.  I just don't have the desire for detail and complexity to want to get there.  But if I did, GURPS would likely be my choice too.

Plus all that rolling would slow down my big melees, and they are my bread and butter.   And I may have mentioned this already, but I really hate disadvantages.


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